As mentioned earlier, Wyatt has other medical concerns. He has an enlarged spleen. It is being monitored via ultrasounds and blood work. His labs came back with abnormal results. As his mama, even though the doctor was not concerned, I felt that we needed to get a second opinion. Brad and I took Wyatt to see our primary doctor on Tuesday. I trust him more than any other doctor I know and knew that he would be proactive and do whatever was necessary to get some answers about Wyatt’s health.  He feels that being a doctor is his calling by God and it truly is! What a blessing he is to our family!

He feels that the enlarged spleen, hearing loss and abnormal labs are all related. We went through a big list of possibilities of what could have caused it but narrowed it down to a few. Wyatt and myself went to get blood drawn that afternoon to test for CMV and toxoplasma. Both are viruses I would have contracted during pregnancy. We are really praying that it is CMV and not the latter. Toxoplasma also attacks the eyes and if it is this Wyatt would be on antibiotics for 6 months. This is all I know about that. My doctor informed Brad not to allow me to google it because it would scare me. 🙂 He knows me well. Haha! He does not think it is likely this but there is a slight possibility. If it’s CMV, then we know it’s not genetics which would be wonderful news for us and our boys. Wyatt was also referred to Children’s to see an opthamologist and get an EKG done to rule out couple other possibilities.

This all occurred on Tuesday and we are currently awaiting results. Please continue to keep Wyatt in your prayers and myself as I have been facing a lot of anxiety this week. I know Wyatt is in God’s hands and however this happened to him, that it was His plan.