We have lots of updates for Wyatt this week.

On Monday he had a brain MRI to see if the CMV had affected it.  In order to complete the MRI our little guy had to go under anesthesia. He was the cutest little patient I’ve ever seen in his miniature hospital gown.  the MRI took just over an hour and he did great under anesthesia.  Monday was the LONGEST day and night ever!  We received the most wonderful news the next day. God protected our sweet boy and his MRI results came back all normal! What a blessing and a HUGE miracle! The fact that his brain is not showing any inflammation after having this virus in his system for so long is truly a miracle! We felt a huge weight lifted after receiving the results. This test was the one we were most worried about. The results mean that there are no brain abnormalities and it is growing like it’s supposed to. However, what the MRI does not show is if CMV has caused any neurodevelopment problems. CMV could be in the fluids surrounding the brain. Only time will tell if he will face any neurodevelopment problems as he grows and physical milestones are reached or not.

Hospital GownanesthesiaGetting warmDischarge

On Tuesday, Wyatt saw an opthamologist to see if CMV had attacked his eyes. When we arrived at the office, we found that the power was out.  Seems like God is really teaching us patience through this ordeal as well.  So, we ran some errands until the power came on and then went back to the office to finish up the appointment.  Praise Jesus that there were no cataracts and his macula and optic nerve were all normal. He will be reevaluated every 3 months as CMV can cause flare ups. Miracle after miracle….God’s hand has covered Wyatt completely.  Thanks for all the prayers!

Friday morning we saw an infectious disease doctor to see if Wyatt should/could be on antivirals to stop CMV from continuing to attack Wyatt’s body. We met with two doctors. They were amazing and so knowledgable. They answered nearly all our questions before we even got a chance to ask them. They highly recommended that Wyatt start the antivirals right away. The levels of CMV in his blood were at high levels. The objective of the antivirals  is to stop the progression of his hearing loss, protect his eyes from losing any eyesight, and protect his brain from neurological damage. There was no doubt in the doctor’s minds, nor in ours, to start that day on the meds. Wyatt will have to take them twice a day for the next 6 months. Yup…6 months! Unfortunately there are side effects. His red blood cell and white blood cell count will decrease as well as bone marrow function. Thus, his immune system will be weaker as well. They will monitor him closely to see how his body handles the meds and will see him every 2 weeks along with new labs done at each visit.


Off we went to get Wyatt’s blood drawn and picked up his first bottle of the medication. We walked to the parking lot and gave him his first dose. We are ready to stomp this nasty virus!

So far, Wyatt has been doing okay on it. He had a slight fever the first day and it makes his tummy a little upset but he has been such a good sport through it all.

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words.