Monthly Archives: December 2013

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Wyatt has been on his antiviral medication for 3 1/2 weeks now. His little body has reacted well to it and he has not experienced any side effects from what we can tell. He has been getting weekly labs. His doctor is monitoring him closely to make sure his white blood cell count does not drop too low, check the CMV levels in his blood to see how well the medication is working, and to monitor weight changes which would mean higher doses of his meds. Here is the most amazing news…his CMV levels were 3,162 on November 8th. This was right before his started the antivirals. That is a crazy high levels of CMV.  His November 21st labs revealed the CMV levels dropped down to 398! YUP! ONLY 398! I had to have the nurse repeat the results to me because I thought I had heard her incorrectly.  What a blessing his body is reacting well and the medication working! We believe God is really watching out for Wyatt and is taking  excellent care of him. The goal is to get CMV to zero by week 6 of being on antivirals. He will continue to stay on the medication for 6 months as studies  show that this prevents flare ups and protects the brain from the continued damage of CMV. On top of all of this, his enlarged spleen has gone down in size as well!

We start early intervention with Wyatt next week.  Early intervention is  a process of learning how to communicate with Wyatt best with his hearing loss.  We are meeting his teacher this week. We chose the Listen and Talk program and are very excited to get started.

We are also set up with appointments for the Hearing Loss Clinic and Cochlear Implant candidacy program. These will entail MANY more appointments with specialists but we are looking forward to seeing if Wyatt is a good candidate for the implants.

Please continue to pray for Wyatt.   We are very encouraged to see God’s mighty hand at work in our family.  He is at work because of so many people praying for us.  God is a good God always and this process with Wyatt is a tangible way to see that God is real.  Here are some items to pray for:

1.  That the antiviral medications will continue to do their job and stop the virus dead in its tracks.

2.  That he will not experience any of the side affects of CMV.

3.  That the cochlear implant candidacy will go well.

4.  For wisdom for us as parents to make the right decisions and choices as these will affect Wyatt’s life forever.

Brad, Amy, Austin, and Wyatt