Monthly Archives: January 2014

It’s been a long time since our last post. Things slowed down a bit for us during the holidays which was a welcome break for our family. In the last month, there has been many more doctor visits which I’m beginning to see that this will be our norm for a while. Mid December Wyatt had another BAER hearing test to confirm his last results were correct and to check if his hearing loss has progressed as this is common with CMV. Results were identical to the last test. This was wonderful news that the virus had not worsened his hearing loss. Our older son Austin also had a hearing test done which was quite interesting to watch how they do it for a 2 1/2 year old that can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes. ūüôā He passed with flying colors. Wyatt also outgrew his first set of ear molds already and is onto his 2nd set….almost 3rd. Who knew ears grew so fast??

As for his CMV…he’s been getting labs done every ¬†other week along with visits to infectious disease to carefully monitor his kidney and liver function, platelets, CMV, etc. His last labs were drawn on Thursday and we received results Friday night. His CMV levels are down to 50!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!! This is the lowest the labs test can detect of the virus. It will not go to undetectable. I learned this new piece of information at his last appointment. Unfortunately, since he was born with CMV, Wyatt may live with it the rest of his life. It may never go dormant like it does for all of us. Since CMV is so rare, they cannot say for sure how this could affect him over his life as few studies have been done. But we are still praising God for the absolute best results we could ask for. We will just take one appointment at a time and give this to God. He’s taken care of everything so far. His doctor also checked his eyes, head circumference’s since Wyatt’s birth, etc and did not find anything of concern. We can’t be sure until time passes but it appears that the only damage CMV has done is to Wyatt’s hearing. He has 4 months left of his med’s now! Wyatt loves his medicine now. He tries to grab the syringe and shove it in his mouth. What a little helper!

He will see a neurodevelopmental doctor as we do have concerns about his physical development and want to cover all our bases. ¬†However, we could just be worried and over cautious parents as we have been instructed to be with Wyatt and everything could be just fine. We will also have him evaluated by early intervention for possible physical therapy. Wyatt is physically very strong, much stronger than we ever remember Austin being. Our concern is that he does not enjoy being on his stomach. He’s fantastic at rolling from tummy to back but has absolutely no desire to do the opposite nor be in a sitting position.

This week we start the cochlear implant candidacy program! We are SO excited about this! This week’s appointment is an intro into what our family will face in the very near future and how it will affect ALL of us. We honestly don’t know all the details of what we will go over but we are happy to finally be starting this big step. Cochlear implants are AMAZING. We have met a few people with the implants are were knocked off our socks at how natural their speech was and saw how they were just kids living life like all kids do. That is what we want for Wyatt. To have a normal childhood and to be able to enjoy all things that kids do. Sure, things won’t be so simple and easy for him. He will have to work harder for it, but that’s ok. He’s an amazing, happy, content and SWEET little boy. God knew just what he was doing when he made him. We are blessed beyond measure to parent our sweet Wyattt!

So here’s how you can pray….

1.  Pray against any illnesses that Wyatt could get.  He still has a long way to go on the anti viral meds and there are quite a few side affects including reduced immune system function.

2.  Pray for a miracle to happen and Wyatt would have his ears healed.

3. ¬†Pray for wisdom for us as parents as we have many big decisions to make with cochlear candidacy that will impact Wyatt’s life forever.

4. ¬†Praise God for the wonderful miracles that have already been done in Wyatt’s life. ¬†He is an amazing God!