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Hi All!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about us. 🙂 We have many new updates on our little man Wy Wy. So here it goes…

Since January, Wyatt has had visits to Children’s Hospital almost every week for one reason or another. Everytime I walk into that hospital, I am reminded of how blessed we are to have such a healthy baby boy. There are so many precious boys and girls that I see there that are facing some BIG challenges. Being the talker that I am, I have met many wonderful families that were gifted with these children. A gift? Yes, a gift. Since the big day we found out about Wyatt’s hearing loss, God has taught me ALOT. There is no other way to look at this news than in a positive light. God has gifted our family with Wyatt. He has entrusted Brad and I to parent him and for Austin to be his brother and best friend.  This is truly an honor! I pray that I can do my job well for Him!

As for CMV, Wyatt is being monitored and is still on his antivirals. Only 1 month left of it! We can’t wait! Although he is on the smaller side, he is growing at a normal rate along his growth curve, head included. The head is an important one to watch with congenital CMV kids. His CMV levels are down to 40 and his other blood counts are within normal range (although teetering on the borderline for some). We are thankful for these results.

Here is when Wyatt had his CT scan of his ears. They attempted the test without anesthesia and he did wonderfully. No anesthesia was a welcomed surprise. The anatomy of his ears are normal. The only damage to his ears are the hair cells which is what the doctor had expected to see with Wyatt’s case.



He then had an aided and unaided hearing test. This is him in the sound booth, looking like a mini Shrek. 🙂 He was a little young for this so they will retest him the end of this month.


Wyatt has been evaluated for his gross and fine motor skills and started weekly at home occupational therapy in February. His teacher is wonderful. I look forward to these lessons every week. They are fun and I learn new things that I can work with on Wyatt each time.


He sports his new little SPIO suit every day which is like a spandex onesie. It gives him trunk support to help him last longer in positions that would tire him out pretty quickly and in the end it will help him build up core strength faster. He wears it all waking hours and he has made huge strides in physical strength since then. As you can see, Wyatt is not a fan of it. Haha!

IMG_6247 IMG_5268 IMG_5774

He also continues with weekly  home speech therapy lessons. It does seem that the tasks for him are piling up and becoming a bit overwhelming though. I would appreciate prayer for how to balance all the “to do’s” for him along with managing life…having time with God, giving Austin the attention he needs, being a good wife, cooking, cleaning, and having some time for myself. It’s hard. Brad’s job just seems to get busier and busier which is such a blessing for our family that he is able to support us and I can stay at home.  Pray for strength and wisdom for Brad to be able to grow the business and take needed time for family life.

So here’s the fun part…we are nearly done with the cochlear implant candidacy program! At the end of April, Wyatt has another aided hearing test and we meet with his surgeon, Dr. Sie. We should be able to schedule surgery that day. He has to finish his antivirals which will be done on May 7th. Then he will get a couple weeks to get all his blood counts back up to normal. Our hope is that he can get his first implant mid to end of May! Can you believe the day is FINALLY approaching? We are really looking forward to getting his 1st implant and pray pray pray there are no bumps in the road (unless God chooses to heal our little man) before surgery. It is still unknown on whether Wyatt will be recommended one or two implants. A big hurdle we are going to be dealing with is insurance. Please pray that the provider will approve coverage for implants prior to age 1. The picture below is what Wyatt will be sporting here sooner than we realize. It kind of scares me and makes me sad but he will be able to HEAR! He will hear in an entirely different way than we do but he will hear at the same decibel level as us…Wyatt will be able hear leaves rustling in the trees, waves in the ocean, raindrops on the roof, birds! 🙂 Thank you for modern medicine and all those that have worked so hard on this technology. We feel blessed that we have this option.



I was surprised in the mail with the most thoughtful gift from someone who has been such a support to me over the years. She gave me a beautiful leather journal to jot down my thoughts, prayers, etc through this process. It could not have arrived at a more perfect time as life was completely overwhelming me. I have an amazing group of friends and family that consistently send me Bible verses throughout EVERY week. In this journal, I have begun to write down these verses and my struggles. This has been a real encouragement to me. Here are a couple of them…

Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth!  – Psalm 46:10

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. – Psalm 106:1

God is good in ALL things. We must never forget that.

Blessings to you all!