It’s been a busy but fun couple months for our family. We have had the opportunity to go on a couple mini vacations as a family. We visited Great Wolf Lodge for the first time and had a blast! That place is a MUST for families with children. Austin conquered his fear of water slides and Wyatt enjoyed all the splashing as well. We then spent the long weekend at Hood Canal in the cabin I have been going to since I was a little girl. We enjoyed yummy seafood, lots of fishing, crab searching and best of all…we spent the whole time with family and got to meet Seraphina. Seraphina is my cousin’s adorable little girl born 4 days after Wyatt. She had a great effect on Wyatt. The two of them played and laughed and interacted so well. She is the fastest crawler I’ve ever seen. Her crazy crawling skills rubbed off on Wyatt and ever since we got back, he’s been getting up on all fours and trying so hard to figure it out for himself. He can now pull up to standing and he is quite proud of his newest trick. He is fearless. And he works HARD. I admire that about him. He never gives up and he keeps pushing himself EVERY day. He is constantly amazing me with new things he is learning. God gave us an amazing little boy. 

He has also learned to wave, sign for “more” and drumroll please……he says dada and mama!! If you think about that, it’s more than awesome. He didn’t even hear until 4 months when he received his first set of hearing aids. So his hearing age is only 6 1/2 months. On top of that, his hearing is far from perfect. We are not what he can actually hear, but we do know that he can’t hear all speech sounds. It must be strange. But he makes great use of the hearing he does have. 

Wyatt continues with weekly occupational and speech therapy with the most gifted teachers that are a perfect fit for him. They have become a part of our family. We will forever be grateful for the impact they are having in Wyatt’s life. Three weeks ago, Wyatt took his last dose of antiviral medication. I think I did a happy dance and then reality hit. What is going to happen? How is he feeling? Is that ugly CMV virus going to do more damage to his perfect little body? Those questions will not be answered for a very long time, at least not until age 5 when we are sort of in the clear. The antivirals purpose was to drop his CMV levels as low as possible but he can’t be on them forever. Since he acquired the virus in utero, his body did not recognize it as something foreign. The antivirals trick the body to forget about the virus for an extended period of time. Then you stop the medicine and his body should view the virus as something attacking him and his immune system is supposed to kick in and fight it off for himself. Scary! We met with infectious disease today to recheck levels and see how kidney and liver function are doing. We get results on Monday. His CMV levels are expected to be at their highest after stopping the medication for two to three weeks. We are praying that this number is low. But we are happy to be moving forward in this part of his health journey. My prayer has always been that God would protect him from any more damaging effects and that Wyatt will ‘wow’ his doctors. 

Our little warrior has had more hearing tests recently. His hearing in his left ear (his “good” ear) has progressed to severe to profound hearing loss now. The progression of hearing loss was while on his antivirals so you can imagine what will happen while off of them. We expect him to lose all hearing unless God chooses to heal him. Meanwhile, we have completed all steps of the cochlear implant candidacy program and he has been approved for cochlear implants in both ears! And we have a date and it’s rapidly approaching! June 10th is the day! His surgery will just be on his right ear that day and a second surgery will be schedule a few months after that for the other ear. Can you believe that? That is less than 2 weeks!! We are so very excited to get him access to sound but also worried and scared and all the emotions that go along with it. It is major surgery. They will make an incision behind his ear and drill through his skull. Yipes! Please pray for the anesthesia team, the surgeon Dr. Sie (which might I add is the best surgeon you can get for this surgery) and for Wyatt to have strength and recover well. If things weren’t busy enough, they are only going to get more busy and crazy in the Meeuwse house. 🙂 Following surgery, there is a series of appointments upon activation of his implant which is on June 30th. Please pray for our family to find a new normal and balance of life through all this. Please pray for Wyatt’s progress in learning how to hear in a whole new way and that we all can be a learning tool for him every minute of every day. And let’s not forget to pray for big brother Austin. He is going to be one of my biggest helpers in Wyatt’s progress. He has been a patient and understanding boy through all of this but I do know it is hard on him as well. 

We can’t express enough how thankful we are for your prayers. We are thankful for the help we have received with Austin during all the appointments, the dinners cooked for us, friends helping with cleaning and meal prepping for the big day ahead and for financial support as well. This past year has been a journey. His grace is evident everywhere we turn and just when discouragement starts to creep in, God gifts us with new milestones by Wyatt and encouragement from family and friends. God’s teaching us daily to rely upon Him, to be ever so patient and to trust Him that Wyatt is being well taken care of by our Heavenly Father. 

Next time you hear from us, Wyatt will have a new ear! 🙂 Wow. That is crazy to think that we are finally here. 

We truly love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!