Further Testing

As mentioned earlier, Wyatt has other medical concerns. He has an enlarged spleen. It is being monitored via ultrasounds and blood work. His labs came back with abnormal results. As his mama, even though the doctor was not concerned, I felt that we needed to get a second opinion. Brad and I took Wyatt to see our primary doctor on Tuesday. I trust him more than any other doctor I know and knew that he would be proactive and do whatever was necessary to get some answers about Wyatt’s health. ¬†He feels that being a doctor is his calling by God and it truly is! What a blessing he is to our family!

He feels that the enlarged spleen, hearing loss and abnormal labs are all related. We went through a big list of possibilities of what could have caused it but narrowed it down to a few. Wyatt and myself went to get blood drawn that afternoon to test for CMV and toxoplasma. Both are viruses I would have contracted during pregnancy. We are really praying that it is CMV and not the latter. Toxoplasma also attacks the eyes and if it is this Wyatt would be on antibiotics for 6 months. This is all I know about that. My doctor informed Brad not to allow me to google it because it would scare me. ūüôā He knows me well. Haha! He does not think it is likely this but there is a slight possibility. If it’s CMV, then we know it’s not genetics which would be wonderful news for us and our boys. Wyatt was also referred to Children’s to see an opthamologist and get an EKG done to rule out couple other possibilities.

This all occurred on Tuesday and we are currently awaiting results. Please continue to keep Wyatt in your prayers and myself as I have been facing a lot of anxiety this week. I know Wyatt is in God’s hands and however this happened to him, that it was His plan.


The Beginning of our Journey

Our family was BLESSED with the sweetest baby boy on July 3rd, 2013, Wyatt Blake. What a miracle! This precious baby had been prayed for by friends and family  before he was conceived and throughout the pregnancy.  We had no doubt that every step of the pregnancy was a miracle from God and that He had special plans for this boy. One hurdle after another, God continued to be faithful and Amy was able to deliver him via a VBAC. This was so important to her.

We always knew that God had special plans for Wyatt’s life. All children are a miracle and a gift from God but we felt that Wyatt was something different. ¬†Little did we know that God would show us His great plans for Wyatt’s life so early on. When Wyatt was born, he did not pass his routine hearing test that they do in the hospital. No big deal…this is normal…especially for babies that are not full term. The doctors thought there may be fluid in his ears still. We went back 2 weeks later and had the hearing test done. Again, he did not pass. ¬†This got us a little worried. However, hearing loss can commonly happen due to fluid in the ears. We continued on our journey and saw an audiologist at Children’s Hospital. The audiologist found fluid in Wyatt’s right ear, so we could not do the BAER hearing test that day. “Phew!” we thought, “he keeps failing his tests because of the fluid”. ¬† So we waited two months and went back to do the BAER hearing test. That was last Thursday.

Waiting for his BIG test!

Waiting for his BIG test!

We arrived at Children’s Hospital happy and excited to get this big test out of the way. ¬†We got all settled in and started the test. The test ended up taking a full four hours. During that time, ¬†we start giving each other worried looks across the room. ¬†Once the test was completed, the audiologist left the room to review the results with an otolaryngologist. Those 15 minutes felt like eternity. ¬†We started to have our suspicions that she had found some hearing loss.

Sleeping tight and all cozy with mommy.

Sleeping tight and all cozy with mommy.

The audiologist, Marisa, arrived back with the results. The news changed our life course completely. She told us that Wyatt had significant hearing loss. ¬†For us, the news was a shock and the emotions were overwhelming. ¬†Marisa told us that his “good” ear, his left ear, was considered to have moderate to severe hearing loss. ¬†Amy thought she was going to pass out. “I have never felt such a sinking feeling in my heart….ever.” Marisa went on to tell us that his right ear had profound hearing loss. Thats when they could not produce sounds loud enough to get a response from him. The type of hearing loss Wyatt has is called sensorineural hearing loss and it is permanent.

Getting his first molds done for hearing aids.

Getting his first molds done for hearing aids.

This means that our sweet baby boy has never heard our voices. ¬†Amy said, ” He has never heard any of the special songs I love to sing to him, never heard the birds chirping (one of my favorite sounds in the world), never heard his big brother’s laugh, never even heard his own voice. I could not hold it in any longer and the tears started to flood in. I was so so scared and my heart had literally just broken to pieces.”

We wanted to start the process of getting Wyatt access to hearing right away. ¬†Wyatt got molds for his first set of hearing aids. The hope is that the hearing aids will allow him to hear 40 decibels out of his “good” ear. ¬†We are also finding out if he is a candidate for cochlear implants. The implant can greatly increase his chances of hearing and enjoy a more normal childhood than the hearing aids would provide. There are always risks with surgery and we have big decisions ahead.

We have no doubt that God is in control. Although this has been the hardest time we’ve gone through, and many more challenges ahead,¬†It will be exciting to see where God takes us. If Wyatt can touch just one life and share Christ through this, then it is all worth it.

We started this blog for a couple reasons. First, our hope is that God would use Wyatt’s story to touch others lives.¬†Second, we need prayer…lots of prayer.

Prayer Requests:

1) We believe that God is the divine Healer and is fully able to perform a miracle on Wyatt’s ears. We ask that you also join us in prayer for Wyatt’s miraculous healing.

2) Pray that God’s hand would be upon Wyatt and the course of his life.

3) If God chooses not to heal Wyatt, pray that we will rest in knowing that God’s plan is perfect and that God will give us an overwhelming peace and comfort. Also, that will we will trust in God’s never ending faithfulness and that He will carry us through this.

4) Please pray for wisdom and knowledge to deal with the situation.

5) Pray that God would be magnified and glorified.

2 Samuel 22:29-31

“For you are my lamp, O¬†Lord,
and my God lightens my darkness.
For by you I can run against a troop,
and by my God I can leap over a wall.
¬†This God‚ÄĒhis way is perfect;
the word of the Lord proves true;
he is¬†a shield for all those who take refuge in him.”

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

The Meeuwse’s